Save Ukrainian lives by winning
the war sooner

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, in the last year we’ve raised over $500,000 and used it to deploy $5.9 million worth of urgently needed supplies.

Our goal is to maximize human wellbeing by saving lives, keeping families in their homes and helping people to return home safely.

We believe the best way to achieve these goals is to end the war as quickly as possible.

Zero Line supplies tools, such as drones, communications equipment and vehicles, that help make frontline workers up to ten times safer and ten times more effective. 

What we do

How we’re different


Our crisis supply chain is optimized for speed, moving critical supplies from the Polish border to the hot zones in as little as a single day.


Proprietary, MIT-derived algorithms drive our allocation decisions. We invest donor funds for maximum ROI.


Zero Line collaborates with and supports the top fifth percentile of Ukrainian demand partner organizations.

About Us

The zero line is the front of the front lines, where Russia’s army is killing the most people and where we can save the most lives.

Zero Line, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a team of Ukranians, Americans and Europeans with private sector, philanthropic, military and academic backrounds working together to help make front line workers more effective and more survivable.

We apply the best management systems and logistical practices across these various domains to maximize the return on donor funds.

Zero Line provides drones and communication equipment to the front lines. Our first-hand research shows that this nonlethal aid increases the recipients’ efficacy and survivability while saving civilian lives, keeping families in their homes and paving the way for refugees to return.

Supporting this mission, we also provide technical assistance and advisory services.

Our Mission

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